Elevator UPS Systems

UPS is an elevator emergence device avoiding human accident in case of a power failure of elevator. DT-UPS can be equipped with all kinds of VVVF elevators. As an automatic emergence rescue device, when elevator stops running because of interruption of mains supply or other reasons, DT-UPS will response and transfer to DC power and take control of elevator within 3 ms, to drive elevator to level position and open the car door or hall door, ensure passengers walk out of the elevator safely. DT-UPS elevator levelling device is the patron saint of elevator passengers, and the elevator defender indispensable for many public places like hotel, hospital, office and shopping mall and so on.

FEATURES OF DT-UPSI. UNIVERSAL It provides with all kinds of elevator included asynchronous and synchronous traction machine, is one of the most universal elevator emergency systems in the world.2. ONE DIRECTION TECHNOLOGY It realized instantaneous weighing through examination of system when a sudden power failure.3. CHARGING PROTECTION SYSTEM Charge and discharge circuit of processing system can detect the battery status, and realize automatic charging and discharging, to make sure battery no-maintaining and greatly improve service life of battery.

ADVANTAGES OF DT-UPS GOOD RELIABILITY Stable and reliable moduliazation of control system, no interference to elevator. HIGH PERFORMANCE High current, high power, slide-proof, low frequency, long distance, multiple functions. NO-MAINTAINING Excellent automatic charging and discharging circuit and various battery protection functions, long service life of battery. FRIENDLY DESIGN Beautiful appearance, small volume. UNIVERSAL PROPERTY Applied to all kinds of elevator at home and abroad TECHNOLOGY.