Building Management Systems

All Buildings have some form of mechanical and electrical services in order to provide the amenities necessary for maintaining a comfortable working environment. These services have to be controlled by some means, for example that there is adequate hot water for sinks, hot water in the radiators is sufficient to keep an occupied space warm that heating of ventilation and possibly cooling is provided to ensure comfortable conditions wherever irrespective of the number of occupants or individual preferences. Basic controls take the form of manual switching, time clocks or temperature switches that provide the on and off signals for enabling pumps, fans or valves etc.

The purpose of a Building Management System (BMS) is to automate and take control of these operations in the most efficient way possible for the occupiers/business, within the constraints of the installed plant. The level of control via the BMS is dependent upon the information received from its sensors and the way in which it’s programmed to respond towards information. In addition, offer a precise degree of control to its environment, it can be made to alarm on conditions that can’t meet specification or warn off individual items of plant failure.

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